If you need to set up a small centralised extraction system, the Euro 3 filter unit may be the right solution.

EURO 3 is completely faired, fitted with 27 filter sleeves and a cleaning system with electric shaker.

If you need to extract fine dust, we are able to supply filter sleeves in a number of available fabrics, such as polyester satin, or needle felt. Furthermore, for even more efficient filtering, all the sleeves may be replaced to install the cartridge filters. In this way, even the finest and most volatile dust is collected and not dispersed in the environment.

As the whole EURO range of extraction units, this machine is also designed for ejecting the purified air outside, if a hole is arranged in the roof, for connecting a pipe with flue.

With its 4 ro 5.5 HP motors, it achieves very significant flow rates, ideal to extract simultaneously from several machines in a medium-sized workshop.

The extraction inlet may be mounted either facing upwards or downwards. This may be decided at the time of installation.

EURO 3 is supplied already fully assembled and ready for use; therefore it is extremely easy and quick to commission. Your customer’s workshop will be ready to start extraction in a matter of minutes.


Three-phase motor power3 kW – (4 CV)
Suction capacity5.000 m3/h
Suction hoodØ 250 mm
Filtering sleevesno. 27 – Ø 180 x 1.030
Filtering surface15  mq
Inspection door no. 1
Electric shaker
 no. 1
Removable door no. 1
Exhausting hoodØ 400
79,8 dB (A)
Net weight210 Kg
Overall dimensions: unit ready to use750 x 2.780 x 2.580 mm
Overall dimensions: disassembled and packed unit800 x 2.110 x 1.700 mm. – 80 x 80 x 80 mm (only for Standard version)



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