The MIDI MAX modular filter unit is the cheapest and most practical solution for the removal of dust, which allows you to have a large filtering surface and large collecting dust.

The MIDI MAX dust filter is, of course, also ideal for the filtering of dust and small chips where the quantity is not so big to require the use of a mini-silo or separate container (silo).


Modular design

The MIDI MAX filters are manufactured in galvanized prefabricated panels which are easily assembled in standard modular units. The smaller unit is equipped with 2 collecting bags and 24 filtering sleeves (2/24); but placing side by side additional moules, you can create a filter unit to 4 collecting bags and 48 filtering sleeves (4/48). Thanks to a perfect technical realization and modularity system, MIDI MAX are totally dismountable, allowing a very small package dimentions and a very low shipping cost.



Improved filtering efficiency:

The high number of sleeves and the wide range of filtering fabrics, allow you to use MIDI MAX units for various situations. Are also available, on request, special filtering materials with antistatic treatment and BIA certification USG and USG, C.


Space saving:

The MIDI MAX filters  have been created with a view to keep the overall dimensions small in relation to the filtering surface. This means they can be installed where the space available is extremely restricted.


MODELLOManiche FiltrantiSuperficie FiltranteSacchi di RaccoltaContenimento
Portata MaxSistema di PuliziaDimensioni
MODELFiltering sleevesFiltering surfaceCollecting BagsCollecting VolumeMax Air FlowCleaning SystemDimensions
1/111211 mq10,35 m31.6001800 x 1000 x 3100
1/1717 mq2.500800 x 1000 x 3800
2/232423 mq20,70 m33.30011600 x 1000 x 3100
2/3333 mq4.8001600 x 1000 x 3800
3/343634 mq31,05 m34.80012400 x 1000 x 3100
3/5050 mq7.5002400 x 1000 x 3800
4/454845 mq4 1,40 m36.60023200 x 1000 x 3100
4/6666 mq9.6003200 x 1000 x 3800

The values “MAX Flow Capacity” refer to a crossing speed sleeves equal to 0.04 m/sec. Lower crossing speed provide better filtration and greater purity of the exhaust air.
Check the regulations of your country for the proper choice of the filtering unit.



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