ALFA 1 is a powerful and handy professional wheeled extraction unit with an exposed filter bag.

The wheeled base allows it to be moved very easily and safely from one machine to another, if necessary.

Like all our machines, even ALFA 1 is fitted with a motor manufactured in Italy, and you can choose the standard 2 HP version or the more powerful version with a 3 HP motor, both single and three phase.

It is also provided with the 1.5 m power cable and the motor protection circuit breaker.

The ALFA 1 extraction unit is mounted with a robust steel fan, perfectly balanced to prevent any vibration and minimise the noise during operation.

It is normally used with the extraction outlet facing downwards, as shown in the picture. If necessary, you can request the “reversible” version; in this way, the extraction unit can be mounted with the extraction outlet facing upwards.

It is fitted with a centrifugal cyclone that reduces the clogging of the filter bag, thereby allowing greater efficiency (not present in the reversible version).

The upper filter bag can be replaced with a special cartridge filter, which is ideal to retain finer dust. Its installation is quick and easy: no technical change must be made to the machine.


The extraction unit is delivered packed in a sturdy cardboard box so as to protect the machine from impact and damage during transport.


Three-phase motor power 1,5 kW – (2 HP)
Filtering surface2,2 mq
Suction capacity 2000/3.000 m3/h
Noise according to ISO 3746 – 79: standard pressure68,4 dB (A)
Suction hood
 Ø 160 mm
Filtering sack Ø 500 mm
Net weight64 kg
Overall dimensions: unit ready to use700 x 1.060 x 2.600 mm
Overall dimensions: disassembled and packed unit750 x 1.100 x 580 mm



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