ALFA PROFESSIONAL is the ideal powerful extraction unit for the advanced hobbyist and the professional.

It is available with a wheeled base and has excellent extraction so as to allow chips to be removed from machines that generate a lot of sawdust (surfacing-thicknessing machine, squaring machine, etc.), even at several metres away.

It can be provided with a single-phase or three-phase motor.

When used in private environments make sure that the available power is sufficient for all connected appliances and machines to work (appliances, machine tools, lighting, extraction unit, etc.).

The ALFA PROFESSIONAL extraction unit is fitted with a thick steel fan, perfectly balanced dynamically and statically.


Three-phase motor power 0,75 kW – (1 HP)
Suction capacity 1.500 m3/h
Suction hood Ø 140 mm
Filtering sack Ø 450 mm
Filtering surface
 1,7 mq
 Noise 66,1 dB (A)
Net weight40 Kg
Overall dimensions: unit ready to use910 x 550 x 2.050 mm
Overall dimensions: disassembled and packed unit950 x 600 x 500 mm



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