EasyWOOD is the specific CAD/CAM software for woodworking using numerically controlled CNC machining centres.
EasyWOOD is simple and intuitive, all functions are "at a click" and it can also be used by those who have no particular computer skills. EasyWOOD means:

  • Panels
  • Nesting true shape
  • IGES, STL, STEP, SAT, SKP and RHINO (3DM) import
  • DXF, CAL, HPGL, PNT, ISO import
  • Drawing from parametric models
  • 3D modeling
  • Images vectorization
  • 3, 4 and 5 axis machinings
  • Disposition on the table with interferences verification between sub-pieces and machinings
  • Automatic associative CAM
  • BTL import
  • Management of automatic layers
  • Management of the cuffs for wood chips
  • Management of the aggregates, even for machining from underneath
  • 3D simulation
  • Collision detection
  • Virtual milling
  • Estimation of machining times, lengths and costs
  • 5 interpolated axis management
  • Multiple work centres management

EasyWOOD is a complete software and manages every aspect of the machining and of the CNC: from the design to the disposition of the pieces and sub-pieces in the working table, to the collision control with the 3D simulation, to the optimization of the tools machining paths up to the generation of the machine program code.


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