PowerSTAIRS is the ideal software for the parametric design and production of standard and custom stairs.
With PowerSTAIRS realizing a staircase is really within everyone’s reach, you don’t need to draw any part, just choose the stair model and enter the appropriate data (size, thickness, etc.).
PowerSTAIRS means:

  • Self-supporting stairs in wood and metal
  • Modular staircases
  • Single and twin central structure staircases
  • Double rack staircases
  • Stringer staircases
  • Rack staircases
  • Steel staircases
  • Open stairs
  • Alternated tread staircases
  • Spiral staircases
  • 5-axis staircases
  • Out of square staircases
  • Coverings
  • Railings
  • Up to 9 flights staircases
  • Under slab management
  • Metal structures and railings
  • Raw optimisation

With PowerSTAIRS you can generate the geometry of all individual parts and export it automatically to files (one for each piece) in DXF format.
PowerSTAIRS is a valuable tool not only for the production, but also for the marketing of stairs: the user can store their own catalogue of materials used, prices, and generate the quote, order confirmation and prints, in the various views, of the designed staircase.
PowerSTAIRS is a complete program: it calculates the minimum distance height of the scale, it generates the cost estimate, the cut-off list of the raw materials, it performs the scale printing (also 1:1 and with cartouche) of every single piece with the relative dimensions.
PowerSTAIRS automatically generates NC programs for machining parts in the machine (CNC pantographs) and has the graphical simulation of machining control.


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