The new DDX Nesting algorithm allows you to easily optimize nesting projects by reducing material waste and processing times.
DDX Nesting means:

  • reduce material waste by making maximum use of the available panel or slab;
  • optimising production times, studying the best machining path of the machining centre;
  • waste management, with automatic recovery of unused portions of material to be added to the warehouse and used in the future;
  • management of the groups, for those who need to create different groups of pieces in the slab or panel laying;
  • vein continuity management, for those who need to maintain continuity in the vein of the pieces;
  • importing the parts list via CSV file;
  • CSV, DXF, STEP file import and workflow customization;
  • management of the materials warehouse and the waste warehouse;
  • generation of the nesting process with assignment of machining operations by automatic Cam;
  • "ONE CUT" machining with automatic optimization and single cut machining;
  • "FREE SHAPE" optimization for cutting free shapes.

Thanks to the new DDX Nesting system, you can achieve an increase in optimizations up to 30%.


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