Single or multiple heads coater used for the application of stains, sealers, paints and top coats of flat surfaces. Each head features a rubber coater application roller and one stainless steel (SS) doctor roller. The machine design allows for a wide range of application pressures, from very smooth to very high.

Key Features

  • Fully independent inverter controls for belt conveyor, application roll and doctor roller’s speeds
  • CNC height adjustment with emergency lifting
  • Oscillating scraper blades
  • Ability to work the doctor roller in forward, stopped and reverse mode
  • Ability to do wet on wet applications when two heads are installed
  • Self adjusting application head to compensate for calibration defects
  • Double diaphragm pump
  • Chemically resistant conveyor belt with counter pressure roller
  • Caster mount for ease of service
  • Optional roll heater, tank heater


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