BestCut M2 scans and analyzes raw wood planks from top and bottom, optimizes the cut based on the wood's visual, 3D and surface properties, expected product requirements, prices and sizes and controls multi saw to select the best cut.

The system includes an optional visual position system which positions the plank against the saw in sub-millimetre precision to ensure that the machine's decision is implemented correctly.  

One way to implement the most valuable cutting strategy is to use the M4 beam cut optimization system upstream and then the whole chain of cutting decisions is automated and optimized to get most of the value out of the raw material at the same time while saving on human costs and ensuring uninterrupted and efficient utilization of equipment and material. 

The system can be integrated into existing sawmill equipment to replace human operations or be part of the new, fully automatic line.

System analyses billions of possible cutting lists to select the best by value, thus far surpassing human possibilities


M2 is a cut optimization solution for raw wood planks.

M2 is an excellent solution to ensure that you get the perfect cut on every wood item.

+10% against human operations

+300%  against the human-operated line

Uses your current product prices and specs for all your products 

Handles different thicknesses at the same time of raw wood planks by measuring the thickness before optimization

Recognizes all significant artefacts of the wood - knots, bark, decay etc.

BestCut M2: cutting optimization for wood plank processing lines

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