History of Greda

Tradition and technology up to a industry 4.0

In 1981 GREDA set up its own activity in Mariano Comense, in the heart of the technological area of the Lombard furniture and in one of the most important district of the Italian design (Brianza).

Piero and Marianna Daschini are the second generation of this family-based business company that manage with a customized approch the several demands of a market featuring more and more dynamic trends. GREDA offers a wide range of NC-machining centers for the for solid wood and panel processing.

The development still goes on: thanks to successful results of researches and innovative project developments, GREDA has been able to spread its own technology even in the plastic, aluminum and composites sectors. These have been the prerequisites that have enabled the company to achieve more and more success also on the international market.

In order to enhance the offering of customized solutions to each one of its clients, it is primary for GREDA to keep a direct relationship with customers, since the experience exchange creates original and innovative ideas that can lead to the growth of the company and to the development of high- technology solutions.

GREDA sees itself as a Made in Italy ambassador: every NC-machining center is manufactured in Italy in order to guarantee a top-quality control throughout the production. Creativity, traditional craftsmanship handed down in the best furniture area in the world and specific avantgarde technological know-how are the core of the corporate mission.

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