Officine Meccaniche Nerli

OFFICINE MECCANICHE NERLI  srl, that continues the tradition of NERLI LIBERALE & SONS, established 1945, works in wide industrial sheds and warehouses of its property with spacious yards and an efficient equipment suitable for the big dimensions of the machines that are produced.

We have been manufacturing special sanding machines for wood and paints for over 40 years and we have now reached the highest specialization which allow us to compete with excellent results with the most qualified Italian and foreign producers.

We always manufacture our machines for the best quality of sanding because the requirements of the furniture market are higher and higher and the finishing problems can be solved only with specialization and constant research of the most advanced technological solutions and by concentrating all our efforts on quality instead of quantity.

It is important to say that our company policy always enables us  to have a wide range of  machines abreast of technical progress that allows us to keep our promises and to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

In fact, the finishing of veneered wood panels with particular woods or of any kind of paints or glossy finishing with brushes or of bright paints are for us topical subjects and are always carried out  with  best results and top quality.

Our sanding machines can be installed in big factories for continuous cycle workings or out of line but also in artisans’ workrooms as the setting up is very easy.

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