SECAL - the reasons for a choice

TOTAL QUALITY for SECAL is a primary commitment and the important investments aimed at automating production and constantly improving technological development reflect the corporate culture, a style of work.

Choosing the drying system that is reliable, performing and tailored to your needs is not easy at all, there are many aspects, technological and not only, to be taken into consideration. More than 4000 SECAL customers all over the world have chosen by favouring a product strongly characterized from a qualitative and technological point of view and supported by a consolidated structure made up of expert consultants, technicians and efficient technologists.

The SECAL Research & Development office proposes a team of professionals dedicated to the development of new software and solutions to make the systems more and more performing and the technical office is equipped with the most advanced software available on the market today to check the system configuration and size the aluminum profiles that determine the structure.

The control and management software is developed based on the experiences and feedback received from Customers in various countries of the World. Special "full range" humidity measurement probes able to measure the MC from 0 to 200%.

The system offers a wide range of optional packages to customize it according to customer needs. Among the various options: the calculation of energy costs, the WMC double sensors "wood surface and heart", the wood temperature sensor, the antifreeze system, the autopilot and many others. The computer is of industrial type with high efficiency, adapted to a continuous work in dusty environments. 

The technical assistance service is extremely important for the operator of a drying kiln. SECAL offers assistance 7/7 and 24/24. Highly specialized technicians with years of experience are available to solve any drying task. A technical consulting is always available to improve your skills.

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